Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Who can give more mileage without water – Camel or Giraffe?

·         The hump of camel has given it a publicity as Ship of desert due to its ability to survive without water for long.
·         Do other animals have similar or better ability?  
Long Necked Animals

  •     The taller brother of camel – Giraffe on this ground too is ahead of Camel. A giraffe can go longer than a camel without water meaning it can give better mileage without water. Kangaroo rats also compete them.

  •          Due to its eating habit of huge quantity of leaves daily it does not need to drink water frequently.  But when it drinks, they do it in a big way, guzzling up to 12 gallons (app 45 Liters) at a time.

  •          Giraffes are vegetarians  and chow down 75 pounds (app 34 Kgs)  of leaves and fruit per day.

  •          At nearly 18 feet (5.5 Meters) in height the giraffe is the world's tallest animal. A baby giraffe is about six feet (app 1.8 Meters)  tall at birth.

  •          It weighs upto two tons, yet can run swiftly four times faster than men @ 35 miles per hour (56 KMPH).  Man runs at an average speed of 10 miles an hour (16 KMPH) 

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