Thursday, June 23, 2011

Laws of Gravity on Revolution

Libya Unrest against Gaddaffi
Newton's law of universal gravitation published on 5 July 1687 states that every point mass in the universe attracts every other point mass with a force that is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them.

This classical law of mechanics is applicable to the platonic forces as well which leads to revolution and mass hysteria. This can be traced in the history of any country. What is happening in Egypt or Libya can be understood  with these principles.

Following are portion taken from Dan Brown's novel - "The Lost Symbol"  explains it in  a very nicely.

Katherine reached down and picked up a tiny speck of sand off the deck, holding it up for Trish to see. “It occurs to me,” she said, “that your metasystems work essentially lets you calculate the weight of an entire sandy beach…by weighing one grain at a time.”

“Yes, basically that’s right.”

“As you know this little grain of sand has mass. A very small mass, but mass nonetheless.”

Trish nodded.

“And because this grain of sand has mass, it therefore exerts gravity. Again, too small too small to feel, but there.”


“Now,” Katherine said, “if we take trillions of these sand grains and let them attract one another to form….say, the moon, then their combined gravity is enough to move entire oceans and drag the tides back and forth across our planet.”

Trish had no idea where this was headed, but she liked what she was hearing.

“So let’s take a hypothetical,” Katherine said, discarding the sand grain. “What if I told you that a thought…any tiny idea that forms in your mind…actually has mass? What if I told you that a thought is an actual thing, a measurable entity, with a measurable mass? A minuscule mass, of course, but mass nonetheless. What are the implications?”

“Hypothetically speaking? Well, the obvious implications are…if a thought has mass, then a thought exerts gravity and can pull things toward it.”

Katherine smiled. “You’re good. Now take it a step further. What happens if many people start focusing on the same thought? All the occurrences of that same thought begin to merge into one, and the cumulative mass of this thought begins to grow. And therefore, its gravity grows.”


“Meaning…if enough people begin thinking the same thing, then the gravitational force of that thought becomes tangible…and it exerts actual force.” Katherine winked ‘And it can have a measurable effect in our physical world.”

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